Where do you answer What is the recommended travel destination for domes...

Where do you answer,

Where do you answer, ""What is the recommended travel destination for domestic travel?"" I have recently been keenly aware that I do not really know about myself, Japan's affairs, local affairs, and family, so first of all it is a world heritage registered in Japan, a place to be proud of in the world I would like to recommend I myself I would like to also go to the first such as Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, A-Bomb Dome, Itsukushima Shrine, Himeji Castle, Kii Mountain Land Pilgrimage Place and Pilgrimage Path, Culture of Ancient Kyoto, Cultural Property of Ancient Nara, Horyuji etc. Shirakawago, Nikko Shirakami Mountain / Shiretoko, and not to forget, Yakushima everywhere is also very attractive, Kyoto and Nara in the season of autumn leaves are exceptionally good, and while there are rocket launch bases, more than 1000 years of age Yakusugi said, is majestic. Yakushima which is compatible with state-of-the-art technology that gathered science's styles and cedars that have been living for 1000 years ago is really attractive, is not it really a place that has become a World Heritage Site? There is something to make you think

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